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What Does This Limited Warranty Cover?
This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Only consumers buy directly from DAYGY may obtain coverage under limited warranty.
How Long Does The Coverage Last?
DAYGY provide one (1) year warranty for parts and three (3) years warranty for tanks to all our consumers, that our products will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.
What Does This Limited Warranty Not Cover?
This limited warranty does not cover any problems that is caused by following situation.
1.Improper cleaning, care, installation and maintenance
2.Modifications made to an equipment
3.Operation outside the product published specifications
4.Damage caused by incorrect assembly
5.Exceeding recommended operational limits
6.Use of unauthorized chemicals, solvents or vapors
7.Seals & Gaskets, are not Covered (Such as Pumps Seals and other Seals & Gaskets)
What Do You Have To Do?
DAYGY will not provide any warranty coverage unless your claim is in compliance with all terms of this limited warranty statement and you follow proper return procedure. You must contact us and provide us with the necessary details so we can determine the best course of action prior to returning your products. Contract us at DAYGY Customer Service 86-13486082994, or E-Mail sales@daygy.com And you are responsible to make the equipment available for repair, packaging, or pickup within a reasonable amount of time.
Freight Damage: It's the consumer's responsibility to carefully inspect freight, before accepting it, note any damage or problems, on your Bill of Lading, and advise your carrier, before accepting, carefully follow carries Terms & Conditions, on damage, Sorry were not responsible for damage caused by freight carries, you have to note it on your & carriers copy of Bill of Lading, and have driver sign both copies, and file a claim, or refused delivery, IF THIS HAPPENS PLEASE CALL US.
Equipments you return to DAYGY must be properly packaged in its original packaging (or packaging providing the product with protection equivalent to the original packaging) and shipped, with the shipping charges prepaid via a shipping method that provides for tracking of your package, to the address provided when you received our email.
What Will DAYGY Do?
All returns must be authorized in advance. Consumers must have received a Return Authorization Number(RA#) before Returning, Sorry products Shipped without a (RA#) will not be Accpeted.
For products that we elect to repair, we may elect to have your product repaired locally by a reputable stainless steel welder or our own welders.
For products that we elect to replace, we will do our best to ensure the fastest possible replacement, but it may take several months to have your product replaced due to manufacturing and shipping lead times. By sending product for replacement, you agree to transfer ownership of the original product to DAYGY.
Seals and Gaskets, are not covered because it is a wear & tear item and subject normal replacement therefore, conditions and clean have a lot to do with Service Life. Terms & Condition subject periodicals change without notice.




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